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10 Fictional TV And Movie Characters That Redditors Look Up To

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Saoirse Ronan’s latest big screen appearance in See How They Run saw her take up the lead role as Constable Stalker; a funny, warm and dedicated police officer, which Ronan delivered impeccably. While the comedy whodunit didn’t require inspirational moments, Stalker was certainly a character to look to for her determination and diligence.

Looking back through the endless catalog of movies, there are a number of other roles that stand out as characters that audiences are able to look up to. Whether superheroes or just good people, Reddit users have taken to the site to highlight which characters they have connected with and found themselves looking up to.


Atticus Finch

Looking back at a movie from 60 years ago, Reddit user chimpwizard stated “Atticus Finch…A great teacher who is willing to stand by his beliefs in the face of violence and hatred.”

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To Kill A Mockingbird is based on a book of the same name, following an emotional story of bravery and false accusation. As the lawyer working hard to prove Tom Robinson’s innocence, Atticus is the force for good in the story, even when the odds are stacked against him. Standing up for what’s right will always hold a lot of relevance in society and looking up to Atticus Finch will surely guide anyone in the correct direction.


Reddit user A_Perfect_Scene gave a passionate explanation as to why they look up to Superman, but one of their sentences beautifully sums it up, “…he sees the best in people, when he, daily, experiences our worst.”

Superman didn’t have an easy ride, noticing his differences to other people from a young age. Even as an adult, he was faced with people trying to bring him down, yet he fought on to be an asset to humanity. Even though the superhero is a surreal character that would never exist, there are plenty of traits in him that viewers are able to look to for inspiration.

Samwise Gamgee

With a solid cast of exciting characters to choose from in The Lord Of The RingsReddit user notjawn picked Samwise Gamgee because he “…is the real hero of Tolkien’s story. He is of service to Frodo and is unwavering in his support…”

The Middle-Earth franchise isn’t short of heroic characters, but, as one of the best characters in The Lord Of The Rings, Samwise stands out because of his humble background, yet immeasurable loyalty. Without any experience in combat, he takes on the role of Frodo’s protector, leading the way to an uncertain outcome, but always putting everyone else’s safety before his own. Kindhearted Sam deserves to be looked up to.

Luna Lovegood

Reddit user kiwiwhovian gave clear reasoning for looking up to Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter by saying “I find that people underestimate her…She is loyal, positive, realistically idealistic and just lives in her own world…”

With the world of social media and constant trends, it can be hard to find people who are willing to live their own way and not conform to what other people want. Having one of the best Harry Potter characters as a role model encourage people to be who they want to be. Her quietness is endearing and adds to her charm.

sherlock holmes

Focusing on the character’s ability, Redditor shmegegy said they look up to “Sherlock Holmes, for his genius…” It’s undeniable that Holmes is mesmerizingly clever, which is the premise of the franchise itself.

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What’s brilliant about Sherlock is how his intelligence is used for the greater good. There are many fictional characters whose skills (whether superpowers or not) are used for the wrong reasons. Therefore, not only are fans able to admire what his brain is capable of, but looking up to him will lead them to do good.

Tyrion Lannister

With House Of The Dragon fresh in fans minds, it can be interesting to revisit the characters from Game Of Thrones. Reddit user giraffeneck45 believes he stands out as a character from the show that is worth looking up to, claiming “He plays the hand he was dealt…” and “…doesn’t roll over to his awful family.”

As undoubtedly one of the best characters from Game Of Thrones, Tyrion is also one of the kinder characters in the show which is full of brutality and his kindness is evident from the start. Considering he is put down a lot, especially before he takes any real power, he is impressive in his resolute strength and unwillingness to conform to his family.


Taking a character straight from the Marvel Comics, Reddit user ummhellothere picked Spider-Man and went on to say “He is truly the most relatable, empathetic, strong moral character in all of fiction…Spider-Man is a representation of human integrity , and how far we go to maintain it.”

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Peter Parker has a regular start to life, so fans are able to connect with him more than a superhero who didn’t have any part of an ordinary life. His dedication to helping others (even when many want to tear him down, not to mention his own powerful enemies), is inspiring, driving a narrative that many can look up to.

Doctor Who

The very first episode of Doctor Who first aired in 1963 and the titular character has really developed over time, both in the storylines and casting. Reddit user wiseoldunicorn believes the Doctor is someone that should be looked up to because “He accepts and believes in everyone he meets, and he gives everyone a chance.”

The Doctor is highly astute and even quick-witted. The Time Lord embraces the way they are channeling all of their unique abilities for good and to help the wider community. Being inclusive of everyone is also a great trait that viewers will be able to relate to today.

james bond

Without feeling the need to expound, This Redditor simply said “James Bond. Enough said.” With ongoing talks between fans of who the next James Bond actor should be, it’s clear the character is still much loved and with traits that can be looked up to.

The intrigue of the MI6 secret agent lies in the glamorized perception of his life, but it isn’t without its trials and tribulations. 007’s job is ultimately to look after the country and prevent anything bad happening. He puts his life on the line with every task he undertakes, but does it without considering his own well-being.


Perhaps a surprising choice for sum, a deleted Reddit user chose WALL-E because “He is greater than the sum of his parts.” Succinctly put, the Redditor points out that WALL-E may be small but he has a huge impact.

His importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Although he may be carrying out his duties alone, it’s for the good of the planet, something that humanity should look to for inspiration. Tidying up garbage may be a long task, but one bit at a time, he continues and makes every effort to get the job done.


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