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10 Horror Movie Franchises That Should Be Rebooted As A TV Show

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With shows like Child’s Play and Interview with a Vampire, it is clear that there is a place for the hit horror franchises on television just as much as in movies. Of course, not every horror franchise world works in the television format as seeing the same masked killer stalk the same victims week after week would grow dull.

From inventive premises to exciting villains to world-building with so much potential, some beloved horror franchises seem perfect for the television format. A small-screen reboot might actually allow these horror stories to be even better.


10/10 Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

George A. Romero helped to popularize the zombie movie genre with his classic Night of the Living Dead. He then continued to tell stories about the zombie apocalypse in movies like Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead while also using them to deliver sharp commentary and satire of modern society.

This would be an interesting approach for a zombie series that could set it apart from The Walking Dead. While that show has followed the same characters for eleven seasons, this show could follow new characters each season, exploring different themes amidst the zombie mayhem.

9/10 Ghostbusters (1984)

Though the acclaimed legacy sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife may have reignited the movie franchise, it is hard to deny how great this horror-comedy classic would be as a television series, following a new set of Ghostbusters taking on supernatural threats.

Each episode could tackle a new ghoulish case with a big bad villain lurking in the shadows. With a fun cast of characters and some funny gags, this could be a sitcom like The Office gold Parks and Rec mixed with some horror elements.

8/10 The Conjuring (2013)

Though the claims of The Conjuring being based on a true story are dubious, the main characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren are just begging to get their own horror series. The married couple work as paranormal investigators who try to rid families of supernatural tormentors.

The show could follow the case-of-the-week format or have a main overarching case with each new season. Either way offers a terrific chance to explore these characters and their work as they face off with chilling threats.

7/10 The Shining (1980)

With only a handful of characters and an isolated location, The Shining might not seem like an obvious choice for a television series. However, Doctor Sleep expanded the franchise with more characters with the shine powers. And even more intriguing is how it all connects back to the Overlook Hotel.

As one of the creepiest locations in horror movie history, the hotel seems like a perfect place to set a new story. It also has a spooky history which the movies have only just scratched the surface of. There is still so much more to explore.

6/10 The Lost Boys (1987)

Stranger Things has shown the fun that can come with watching likable young characters in a high-stakes horror situation. Another franchise that has a lot of fun with this is The Lost Boys. The original movie followed two brothers who move to a new town which they soon find is filled with gangs of young vampires.

There is a lot of potential for a story like this, leaning into the teen drama angle or the young people trying to tackle a dangerous mission. With the right cast of fun and charming young actors, it could be a big hit.

5/10 A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

While many fans feel the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise has failed to live up to the original, Freddy Krueger remains one of the most iconic horror movie villains of all time. Along with bringing back this entertaining character, the landscape of the dream world provides a lot of opportunities for a series to explore.

The most recent season of Stranger Things seems to have been heavily influenced by A Nightmare on Elm Street, particularly with the villainous Vecna. It is a good indication of how a creepy villain and a cast of young heroes could make for a great show.

4/10 Final Destination (2000)

With news of a new Final Destination movie on the way, there are some who clearly think the franchise has a lot of potential left. But while most people show up to these movies for the opening disaster sequence and the subsequent creative death scenes, a show could take some interesting new approaches.

Having the series begin with a character cheating death, it would be thrilling to see how they constantly have to stay one step ahead of the grim reaper. There could also be a fun aspect of the main character seeking out other survivors in the hopes of defeating death.

3/10 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

Following the 1956 original, Invasion of the Body Snatchers has spawned a number of retellings of the story including the 1978 remake that’s even better than the original. However, a continuation of the franchise might work best on television.

The series could continue on with the bleak endings of the story with the invasion spreading. As the world begins to realize what is happening, the show could be a thrilling international story about how the world copes when no one can be trusted.

2/10 Halloween (1978)

John Carpenter’s Halloween made Michael Myers one of the iconic masked killers in horror movies. And while his story might be ending in Halloween Ends, there is no reason the franchise can’t go on. In fact, it might be a good opportunity to go back to the original intention of the franchise.

Halloween was initially going to be a franchise that told a new horror story about Halloween night with each new installment. This is the perfect setup for an anthology horror series that can allow the franchise to escape the shadow of Michael Myers.

1/10 A Quiet Place (2018)

Like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, A Quiet Place feels like a great alien invasion franchise to explore even more as a series. Also, given the unique world in which the story takes place, it would be unlike anything on television.

It would be thrilling to see a show pull off barely having any dialogue from its character yet still tell compelling stories. The show could also stick to the themes of the movies and be a family drama at its core, with terrifying monsters always lurking around.

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