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10 Movies & TV Shows Where You've Seen The Cast

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Fox’s The Resident began its sixth season on September 20, 2022, continuing the story of Conrad Hawkins in the medical drama. The series has remained popular in an era where streaming services have become better known, which has led to fan interest in the cast members’ previous work.

Whether it’s Matt Czuchry’s star-making turn in Gilmore Girls or Jane Leeves’ breakthrough in Fraser, the actors have been in some notable work during their careers. It’s especially interesting to look through their list of credits in order to appreciate the range they possess since the majority of the cast’s work has been in various genres.


10/10 Jane Leeves: Frasier (1993-2004)

Fraser was a runaway success in ratings, ranking among the top-ranked shows during its time. Jane Leeves got her big break as Daphne Moon, playing the live-in therapist for Frasier’s dad who eventually becomes the love interest for Frasier’s younger brother, Niles.

Fraser garnered great critical success for Leeves, receiving nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Daphne’s contrast with the Crane men made her the perfect foil, with the dynamic between her and Niles making them one of the most recognizable couples on television.

9/10 Andrew McCarthy: Pretty In Pink (1986)

Pretty in Pink is a definite movie to watch for fans of the ’80s, with the film forming part of the many John Hughes romantic comedies released at the time. Andrew McCarthy starred as rich boy Blane, who’s the only upper-class boy in school who doesn’t judge Molly Ringwald’s character, Andie.

Pretty in Pink remains McCarthy’s most recognizable film role due to the massive popularity of the movie. The film subverts genre expectations by depicting the characters to be deeper than just based on their looks, with this forming part of the love interests’ central drama.

The Hundred-Foot Journey is a comedy-drama about an Indian family relocating to a French village, where they get into competition with the established restaurant across the street. Manish Dayal has the starring role as the family’s chef son, who also gets into a romance with a local woman.

The Hundred-Foot Journey received positive reviews for its funny but sensitive approach to culture-clash, with Dayal also garnering praise for carrying a movie at a time when he didn’t have too many credits in his filmography. The presence of seasoned actors Helen Mirren and Om Puri contributed to the film’s quality.

7/10 Shaunette Renée Wilson: Billions (2016-)

Shaunette Renée Wilson got her highest-profile role yet with The Resident as one of the regular characters, but trillion is where she first arrived on the scene. The show is about a corrupt hedge fund manager, who gets into trouble with the law.

Wilson played Stephanie Reed, the Chief of Staff of the hedge fund company, hired to protect it from the inquiries made by the government. Stephanie is a prominent character during the second season when the story follows a particular arc, with Shaunette Renée Wilson doing very well starring alongside the likes of Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti.

6/10 Morris Chestnut: The Best Man Holiday (2013)

The Best Man Holiday is the sequel to The Best Man, but the sequel gained a larger audience and is better known. The characters are brought together to spend a final holiday together when one of their friends, Mia, is close to succumbing to cancer.

Morris Chestnut plays Mia’s husband, Lance, who has to come to terms with his wife’s illness and reconcile with his estranged friends. The Best Man Holiday was praised for keeping the Christmas theme intact while delivering a fine balance between comedy and drama.

5/10 Bruce Greenwood: Thirteen Days (2000)

Bruce Greenwood has the main role in Thirteen Days, playing the role of John F. Kennedy during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. The story heavily dramatizes the actual events for cinematic purposes, although Thirteen Days was still well-received by critics for the acting performances.

Greenwood is generally known for his supporting roles, so Thirteen Days brought a good opportunity for the actor to showcase his commanding presence. Kevin Costner also has top billing as Kennedy’s White House assistant Kenneth P. O’Donnell, for what is an efficiently made political thriller.

4/10 Melina Kanakaredes: CSI New York (2004-13)

Melina Kanakared led ITUC: New York as one of the original characters, appearing as Detective Stella Bonasera. Although the police procedural has an ensemble cast, Kanakaredes shared the primary stories with Gary Sinise as the top officials in the NYPD.

ITUC: New York ran for nearly a decade, but Kanakaredes bowed out a couple of years beforehand to expand her filmography. Still, she’s closely associated with the series for representing the peak of its success, as ITUC: New York was a success with ratings during Kanakaredes’ time with the show.

3/10 Jessica Lucas: The Murderers (2019)

While Jessica Lucas has been part of many shows in prominent roles, The Murders had her as the primary character and the one who drove the plot. The miniseries follows rookie homicide detective Kate Jameson, who must clean up the mess she’s created after a botched operation leads to a fellow officer’s death.

The Murders didn’t see particularly big numbers due to the presence of many other crime drama shows, yet it has a solid fan following of its own. Lucas did a commendable job steering the storylines, which all lead into a finale where all the characters are brought together.

2/10 Emily VanCamp: Revenge (2011-15)

Emily VanCamp had one of the best character exits on television in The Resident when Nic Nevins was honored before her demise. VanCamp is familiar with good reviews since she received the same for revengewhich is about a young woman who meticulously plots revenge against a family that ruined her father’s life.

revenge has everything including psychological thriller, soap opera, and mystery, as the protagonist’s background gradually comes to light. VanCamp was lauded for portraying the conflict her character goes through, as she starts to connect with members of the very family she’s sworn to destroy.

1/10 Matt Czuchry: Gilmore Girls (2000-07; 2016)

Matt Czuchry’s breakthrough role cam with Gilmore Girls, where he appeared as Rory’s love interest Logan Huntzberger. Rory and Logan’s turbulent romance is one of the most defining relationships in Gilmore Girlsas the characters cross moral boundaries to be with each other.

Tea Gilmore Girls fandom is known for being vocal about which love interest they prefer Rory to be with, as Czuchry’s fanbase is termed “Team Logan.” Czuchry returned for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in a bigger role, with Rory and Logan’s relationship becoming even more complex.

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