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10 Movies & TV Shows Where You've Seen The Cast Of The Rookie: Feds

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With its inaugural season just getting underway, The Rookie: Feds is already impressive with its cast of fresh faces and acting veterans. A cast is what makes a series, and feds is an excellent mixture of recognizable talent and stars on the rise.

With various backgrounds spanning comedy hits like Renew 911! to teen dramas like gossip girlthe cast of feds can be seen in successful projects on both the big and small screens. Though the entire cast has lengthy and impressive resumes, some of their biggest projects are what landed them roles on ABC’s newest police procedrual.


Nathan Fillion – The Rookie (2018-Present)

Veteran actor Nathan Fillion is a rare case in that he always seems to be attached to a successful TV project, and his series tends to run for a long time. Most recently, Fillion landed the starring role in The Rookie, a show about a man who decides to join the police force late in life.

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Feds is a spinoff of The Rookie, and Fillion made a brief appearance in the new show as his character from the latter. Bringing John Nolan over to the new series helped to give it continuity, and Fillion can always be counted on to give a consistently strong performance no matter what project he is attached to.

Brent Huff – Shameless (2011-2021)

Brent Huff might not be a household name, but his hilarious turn in Shameless was one of the highlights of the series. Huff is another holdover from The Rookie and fans were thrilled to see him reprise his role as the gruff but lovable Officer Smitty.

Huff often plays tough-as-nails soldiers and officers, and in Shameless he was able to once again appear in a role he was best suited for, but with a comic twist. Major Keefe was one of the best characters introduced after Shameless season 1, and it was Huff’s ability to play it straight that made the part particularly hilarious.

Courtney Ford – DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow (2016-2022)

With a huge cast of heroes and villains, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow featured a host of stars on the rise, including Courtney Ford. In the aforementioned FedsFord shines as the Special Agent in Charge Tracy Chiles, a role of authority that is somewhat new to her.

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On the superhero program, Ford got the chance to pull double duty as both Nora Darhk and the historical figure of Marie Antoinette. With two wildly different parts in the same show, Ford was able to show off a lot more of her range, and she is showing fans yet another side in Feds.

Michelle Nuñez – Ruthless (2020-Present)

After her career-defining turn in the BET show RuthlessMichelle Nuñez is poised to impress once again in The Rookie: Feds. Appearing in a much less tasking role as Special Agent Elena Flores, Nuñez gets to be the scientific heart of the investigative team, while also dealing with the drama of being Agent Garza’s niece.

In her small but important role of Zane in Ruthless, Nuñez’s powerful performance imparted the true horror of the show’s cult to the audience. The series was already one of Tyler Perry’s best TV shows, and it was strong work from actors like Nuñez that helped to make it truly shine.

Frankie Faison – The Wire (2002-2008)

Though the entire cast of The Rookie: Feds is accomplished, Frankie Faison is the performer with the longest resume. Keeping with his typecast as stentorian authority figures, Faison appears in feds as “Cutty” Clark, Simone’s father.

Faison has been around Hollywood for decades, and though he has appeared in iconic movies like Silence of the Lambs and Do the Right Thingit was his role on TheWire that is his most recognizable. Appearing in some of the most important episodes of TheWireFaison’s crooked Commissioner Ervin Burrell allowed the background player to spread his wings and deliver the performance of a lifetime.

Kevin Zegers – Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

Like art imitating life, Kevin Zegers’ starring role on feds seems to be a direct reference to his previous work when he was a younger actor. Zegers appears in the new show as Agent Acres, a former TV actor who has just recently graduated from the academy.

Though it wasn’t as silly as his fictional show Vampire Cop in fedsZegers had a recurring role in the teen drama gossip girl where he was on the other side of the law. Unlike his charming turn as Acres, Damien Dalgaard showed he could play a heel just as easily.

Felix Solis – Ozark (2017-2022)

Felix Solis’ career has seen him transform into the most noble and the most ruthless characters, and he always played his part with the same consistent level of quality. In fedsSolis carries the weight of the world on his shoulders as Agent Garza, the supervisor of the Bureau’s new investigative unit whose success or failure depends on him.

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TV fans may remember Solis from a distinctly different role in ozark as Omar Navarro, the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. What Solis excels at best is bringing humanity to his parts, and he plays both Navarro and Garza with the same amount of depth.

Britt Robertson – Tomorrowland (2015)

Thought tomorrowland is best remembered for having some of the worst box-office returns for a blockbuster in recent memory, it was still a huge project that showed of actor Britt Robertson’s skills. As Agent Stenson, Robertson steps into an entirely new role for her as the authority figure with a past, and she is certainly a bright spot in the new show.

Like her role in fedsRobertson’s Casey in tomorrowland is whip smart and savvy about science, but is not quite as well-versed in the ways of the world. Those types of roles are perfect for Robertson, and she continues to be jus as impressive in feds as she was in the sci-fi epic.

James Lesure – Las Vegas (2003-2008)

Appearing in all five seasons of the hit series Vegas, actor James Lesure earned a starring role after beginning the show as a side character. Appearing as Simone’s trainer, Agent Carter Hope, Lesure shines as the emotionally conflicted leader whose life is falling apart.

From a valet to the head of security, Lesure’s time on Vegas saw his character of Mike Cannon become the starring role. Though the course of the show changed dramatically over time, Lesure’s brilliant acting can largely be thanked for his character’s upgrade, and he brings his top-notch skills to feds.

Niecy Nash-Betts – Reno 911! (2003-Present)

Few actors could pull off the perfect mixture of cheek and drama that Niecy Nash-Betts brings to her starring role in The Rookie: Feds. As Agent Simone Clark, Nash-Betts breaks away from her purely comic roots to deliver a complicated character who is just trying to start a new phase of her career.

Keen-eyed observers would instantly remember Nash-Betts from her lengthy run on the comedy series Renew 911! where she played Officer Raineesha Williams. Proving that comic actors are just as viable in dramatic settings, Nash-Betts brings her wittiness to Feds along with her pure talent as a serious actor.

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