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ASUW Arts + Entertainment prepares for 2022 Fall Fling concert | Events

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ASUW Arts + Entertainment (A+E) recently announced the full lineup for their Fall Fling concert after revealing the performing acts on social media the past week. The student-ran concert will be happening on campus just days before the quarter begins, sending summer off in the highest of spirits.

Fall Fling, funded by First Year Programs, in association with Dawg Daze, is one of the many ASUW A+E events hosts over the school year, bringing large-scale entertainment events straight to campus. ASUW A+E director Charlie Higgins stressed the importance of music not just at UW, but at Seattle as a whole.

“Music is obviously hand in hand with Seattle culture and UW culture,” Higgins said. “When I went to Fall Fling my first year, it opened my eyes up. This year, we’re just trying to do the same thing.”

Four acts will be performing Sept. 26 — headliner Jean Dawson with The Moss, Aurora Avenue, and Kaede 01 as openers.

Main performer Jean Dawson, an indie rock rapper who grew up in Mexico and California, is on the verge of releasing his newest album “CHAOS NOW*.” With the album out Oct. 7 and a tour planned shortly after, Higgins believes this is the perfect time to see Dawson before he rises to new levels of fame.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to introduce [Dawson] to the student body before all of his shows, before the widespread success,” Higgins said. “Everyone [will get] a little inside scoop on an artist we believe is going to be humongous … I’m hoping we’re going to hear some of the unreleased stuff. He’s fresh off the first singles from the record, which are really fantastic.”

The Moss, one of Fall Fling’s three openers, comes from Salt Lake City. The four-person alternative rock band has released several albums and singles, with Higgins describing their music as the kind where “anybody can show up without knowing a single song and have a great time.”

The other two openers, Aurora Avenue and Kaede 01, are local student bands chosen by UW’s student music RSO Husky Jam. In highlighting student performers, the concert is not just giving students professional music opportunities, but also showing new students what can be achieved on campus.

For Higgins, the highlight of Fall Fling is seeing people be exposed to new music and artists they may not have encountered otherwise.

“I’m most excited for the kids who show up, not having a clue who’s playing,” Higgins said. “I want to see the kids that don’t listen to not only the artists, but the genres [too].”

Fall Fling is the quintessential UW event for the beginning of fall. It’s one many students look back on fondly, and it’s the perfect way to dance, sing, and let loose with other students before classes kick back up.

“This is the perfect time [to get involved] if you give a s— about music, if you care about live music … anything entertainment-wise,” Higgins said. “This is where it starts for UW.”

Fall Fling will be hosted on the HUB lawn, and admission is free with a UW ID. The concert is set to take place Monday, Sept. 26 at 3 pm

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