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Best Movies & TV Shows on HBO Max This Weekend (October 22-23, 2022)

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HBO Max temporarily says goodbye to its biggest hit of 2022 as House of the Dragon airs its Season 1 finale this weekend. Subscribers don’t have to fret, though — with new television shows and movies added to the streaming service every week, they’ll keep plenty entertained while the dragons are taking a break. With The Cleaning Lady now streaming on the series and the second part of the documentary series The Vow out, there’s plenty of suspenseful drama to binge. From living a double life in a crime drama to a decades-long feud still reeling on Halloween, check out everything to watch on HBO Max this eventful weekend.

The House of the Dragon Season 1 Finale Wages War

As the Dance of the Dragons takes shape, the greens make their riskiest move in the Targaryen civil war on House of the Dragon. Alicent and Otto Hightower crown Aegon II king after Viserys’ death while the rightful heir Rhaenyra Targaryen remains on Dragonstone, unaware of the coronation. While the previous episode focused on the greens as they scrambled to usurp the throne and take control of the realm, the Season 1 finale airing this Sunday, “The Black Queen,” will focus solely on the black faction as its supporters retaliate against Aegon’s coronation . What may come is the blacks taking their stand against the greens in a fiery battle for the Iron Throne, and lives are likely to be lost along the way.

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Before its release on HBO, many assumed that House of the Dragon would end up being a failing redemption arc for Game Of Thrones. But it’s been one of the most successful spinoffs to date and of 2022 so far, even beating out its biggest competition The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The Season 1 finale will determine if the series won back the hearts of Game Of Thrones fans, who lost faith in the franchise after the disappointing Season 8, and will set the tone for the continuing war in Season 2.

The Cleaning Lady Makes and Cleans Up the Biggest Masses

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 is currently airing on FOX, but those who haven’t seen the first season can catch up on HBO Max now. The series first premiered in January 2022, and while it’s still considered underrated compared to other hits this year, such as House of the Dragon and Abbott Elementary, The Cleaning Lady became one of the best-performing series of the year. And seeing how successful and thrilling the second season is, it’ll surely be renewed for a third season.

Adapted from the Argentina series titled La chica que limpia, The Cleaning Lady follows Thony De La Rosa (Élodie Yung) in the Sin City, Las Vegas, as she struggles to cover medical finances and wait for a bone marrow transplant for her son. Thony works as a cleaning service worker to make a living and, one day, witnesses a serious crime at work. The perpetrator offers her a job to work both as a cleaner and a doctor for a criminal organization to clean up murder scenes. The job helps provide for her family, but the line she crosses tests her morality on the darkest level.

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The Vow Season 2 Dives Deeper Into the Crime World

Before jumping into the second season of the HBO documentary The Vow, it’s important to know the complicated backstory of this true-crime story. The previous season covered the NXIVM cult whose leader, Keith Raniere, was convicted of sex trafficking, racketeering conspiracy and other crimes — plus how the survivor recovered or is working to recover from the cult. One known member of the group is Smallville actor Allison Mack, who recruited new members.

The group promoted itself as a system of self-help seminars but has since been exposed as a pyramid scheme and sex trafficking ring. The second season will dive deeper into the narrative through Nancy Salzman’s point of view, who was Raniere’s second in command that pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy. True-crime fans are anxious to see where the story goes next in this gripping docuseries, and maybe it can answer the biggest unanswered questions from the Season 1 finale.

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Watch Halloween Kills Before Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends is one of the biggest movies of the year, as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers have it out one last time. Before catching the final film in the trilogy of sequels, head on over to HBO Max to refresh what happened last time Laurie and Michael crossed paths. Halloween Kills is the sequel to 2018’s Halloween and follows the reboot timeline — and while it makes some unforgivable mistakes along the way, it’s an entertaining slasher film to enjoy in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Kills pick up where Halloween left off, with Laurie and her family still fighting off Michael with the help of the Haddonfield community. Laurie reunites with Tommy Doyle, the boy she was babysitting the night Michael first began terrorizing Laurie, who also wants revenge for the reign of terror Michael has caused. Tommy and the Strode women form a vigilante mob made up of survivors of Michael’s first rampage, seeking an end to his murderous sprees once and for all.

Celebrate Coltrane With Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts

News broke this week that legendary Harry Potter actor Robbie Coltrane passed away, which led fans to reminisce about his time on the iconic magical series. While the actual Harry Potter film saga isn’t available to stream on HBO Max anymore, viewers can watch Coltrane return to the world of Harry Potter in his last on-screen appearance before his death in Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts special meeting. The majority of the cast members — including the big three, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint — return to the wizarding school and other magical places within the fantastical world to talk about their experiences working on the films and how their lives were impacted by their catapulted fame. Other principles cast members who joined include, of course, Coltrane, Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman and Jason Isaacs.