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Best Movies & TV Shows to Watch on Hulu/Prime Video (September 24-25, 2022)

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As the 2022-2023 television season begins, so does the countdown to Halloween as September enters its final weekend and the summer heat finally begins to break. With plenty of big television premieres and horror movies available to watch on Prime Video and Hulu, audiences are set to keep themselves entertained as autumn officially begins. CBR is here with recommendations on what to binge this weekend, from wacky comedies to spine-chilling horror flicks.

Here are CBR’s biggest recommendations of what television series and films to stream on Hulu and Prime Video in the final weekend in September as the seasons begin to shift and scary movie season looms on the horizon.

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Firestarter Ignites for a New Generation

The latest Stephen King adaptation to hit the big screen was Firestarter, adapting his 1980 novel of the same name, which was released in theaters this past May. Previously made into a feature film in 1984, the new movie stars Zac Efron as a telepathic young father named Andy, whose wife Vicky is telekinetic. The two share a daughter named Charlie, a girl whose pyrokinetic powers are exacerbated by her violent mood swings.

After previously streaming on Peacock, Firestarter is now available to stream on Prime Video this week. Firestarter may not have connected with critics when it debuted earlier this year, but there are some interesting directions that the science fiction/horror movie takes the story. Perhaps most intriguingly, the film’s score is composed by legendary filmmaker John Carpenter, his son Cody and longtime collaborator Daniel Davies.

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Abbott Elementary Is Top of the Class in Season 2

After coming out the gate with a universally acclaimed inaugural season, the Emmy Award-winning comedy series Abbott Elementary puts school back in session for its second season. Created by and starring Quinta Brunson, the show is told in a mockumentary style as a documentary crew arrives to chronicle the adventures of an elementary school in Philadelphia. With harsh working conditions and budgetary issues, the faculty and staff endure the daily grind of their thankless jobs to bitingly comedic effect.

Brunson stars as second-grade teacher Janine Teagues, who is determined to improve her students’ experiences and the condition of the school while balancing her personal life. Serving as both a pointedly satirical commentary on the state of public education in the United States and an engaging comedy all at once, Abbott Elementary is one of the most important new shows to premiere within the past year. New episodes are released weekly Fridays on Hulu, while new audiences can catch up by watching the first season on the streaming service.

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The Goldbergs Reconvene Without Their Patriarch

As ABC’s hit sitcom series The Goldbergs returns for its tenth season this week, the show endured a major shake-up behind the scenes. Longtime series star Jeff Garlin, who portrayed family patriarch Murray Goldberg, departed in the midst of production on Season 9 following allegations of workplace misconduct. The character has reportedly been killed off between seasons, leaving the Goldberg family to move on without Murray’s acerbic presence.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, however, with the eldest Goldberg child, Erica, welcoming her first child with her husband Geoff in the season premiere. As the Goldbergs endures a turbulent rollercoaster of emotions and changing familial dynamics, the pop culture references and jokes keep coming in hot, including direct nods to movies like Field of Dreams. Like Abbott Elementary, The Goldbergs will release new episodes weekly Fridays on Hulu as its tenth season begins.

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Spy x Family Puts a Twist on Espionage Stakes

The bestselling manga series Spy x Family by Tatsuya Endo was adapted into a popular anime series earlier this year, with a second season slated to premiere in Japan next month. Ahead of this, Hulu has released an English-dub version of Spy x Family Season 1 produced by Crunchyroll. Running for 13 episodes, Spy x Family Season 1 provides a breezy binge for fans looking to prepare for the hit show’s return.

Spy x Family follows a covert operative with the codename Twilight, who is assigned to get close to a diplomat from a rival country. Twilight creates a cover persona, complete with a wife and adopting a young girl in order to access his target through the diplomat’s school, unaware that his new wife is an assassin and his daughter is a telepath. With plenty of spying hijinks and screwball comedy, Spy x Family is an anime rom.

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Hellraiser Brings the Gruesome Thrills to Prime Video

As Hulu prepares to debut its own original hellraiser movie in time for Halloween, the bulk of the horror film series’ back catalog resides on Prime Video. Adapting author Clive Barker’s 1986 novel The Hellbound Heart, hellraiser has spawned a whole horror franchise, fronted by its regal antagonist Pinhead and the fearsome Cenobites. Of note, Prime Video has both the original 1987 hellraiser and its 1988 direct sequel Hellbound: Hellraiser IIwhich still stand among the best of the series.

In the first hellraiser film, the villainous Frank Cotton has his body destroyed after solving an ancient puzzle known as the Lament Configuration and seeks to regain his physical form by sacrificing new victims to the Cenobites. Hellraiser II has Frank’s niece Kirsty admitted to a psychiatric hospital as she recuperates from her ordeal, only for her doctor to unleash the Cenobites and resurrect Frank and Kirsty’s evil stepmother Julia. For those looking to get ready for the new hellraiser next month, now is the perfect time for a hellraiser double feature to see where the franchise began.