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Best Movies & TV Shows to Watch on Hulu/Prime Video (October 1-2, 2022)

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As autumn begins to break the summertime heat and the pumpkin spice lattes start flowing, Prime Video and Hulu have provided plenty of film and television programming to keep audiences entertained. From long-awaited season premieres to long-running fan-favorite shows to a selection of horror classics from one of the most iconic actors in the genre, there are plenty of movies and television series to enjoy on both streaming services. And CBR is here to help narrow down both digital platforms’ extensive libraries to find the best binge for the weekend.

Here are all the biggest and best recommendations streaming on Hulu and Prime Video to watch over this first weekend in October, curled up in a cozy sweater with apple cider and donuts on hand.

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Ambulance Revs Up to Prime Video

Blockbuster filmmaker Michael Bay’s latest high-octane action flick is Ambulance, featuring an all-star cast and opening in theaters earlier this year. Based on the 2005 Danish film of the same name, Ambulance stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as combat veteran Will Sharp who becomes desperate after his wife needs costly cancer treatment. Enlisted by his old friend Danny Sharp (Jake Gyllenhaal) to help out in a bank robbery, the heist quickly goes off the rails as they seize a passing ambulance to make their escape.

Moving at a breakneck pace, Ambulance keeps its audience’s attention riveted as the two bank robbers debate how far they’ll go to make a clean getaway. Upon its premiere this past April, Ambulance became one of the most acclaimed films in Bay’s extensive filmography for its genuinely engaging action set pieces and performances from its cast. The action film is now available to stream on Prime Video for those looking for the perfect popcorn flick.

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Fox’s Animation Domination Block Returns

Fox has been the home of linearly broadcast primetime animated television for years, and its supremacy in the industry continues with a fresh wave of season premieres this week. From long-running favorites like The Simpsons, family guy and Bob’s Burgers continuing to serve as the channel’s flagship programming to newer shows like The Great North joining the broadcast block, animation remains king on Fox. And these shows unveil their latest episodes the day after their initial broadcast on Hulu for those who may have ditched conventional on-air TV.

The Simpsons Season 34 kicks off with a look at the organized crime element of Springfield, while family guy Season 21 pokes fun at Hollywood award season as only Seth McFarlane can. As the first season released since this year’s Bob’s Burgers Moviethe critically acclaimed series returns for its 13th season as The Great North continue to skewer Alaska with its third season. For those looking to catch the elder statesmen of animation as they find new and interesting ways to take their characters, Hulu brings the animation block in full each week.

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Vincent Price’s Horror Classics Assemble on Prime Video

If there is one prolific actor who has become synonymous with classic horror cinema, it’s Vincent Price. Across his lengthy, celebrated career, Price has appeared as everything from the villain to the victim in various tales of the horribly macabre. A number of Price’s horror films from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s are available to stream on Prime Video, showcasing the actor in his prime and what exactly made him such a fan-favorite staple in the genre. Among the highlights in Prime Video’s collection of Price films are his Edgar Allen Poe adaptations, helmed by legendary producer and filmmaker Roger Corman. Also available to stream is the 1959 classic House of Haunted Hill, which sees a group locked in a notorious haunted house for an overnight contest. As the king of horror cinema, Price’s work is the perfect way to prepare for Halloween as the scary season officially begins.

The Rookie and Its Spinoff Report for Duty

One of ABC’s big successes in the police procedural arena has been The Rookie, starring Nathan Fillion as middle-aged rookie police officer John Nolan. Despite his age, Nolan relocates from his home in Pennsylvania to Los Angeles after a life-changing incident convinces him to pursue a career in law enforcement. The Rookie Season 5 premiered this past week, with new episodes made available to stream on Hulu weekly.

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The Rookie is joined by its spinoff series, The Rookie: Feds, which follows the same linear broadcast to streaming distribution strategy on Hulu. Introduced through a backdoor pilot in the fourth season, Feds follows Simone Clark, the oldest recruit in the FBI Academy. The series premiere features Nolan in a crossover moment between the two shows as Clark takes point to carry out justice at the federal level.

Hulu has one last major original series premiere before September comes to a close, with the new legal drama Reasonable Doubt beginning this week with a two-episode launch. Created by Scandal writer and producer Raamla Mohamed, with its series premiere directed by Kerry Washington, and Reasonable Doubt very much feels like a spiritual successor to the political drama. The new show follows criminal defense attorney Jax Stewart, who wheels and deals to defend her clients through courtrooms across Los Angeles.

Toeing the moral line as she works to prove her clients’ innocence, Stewart finds herself infatuated with a past client who wound up incarcerated for several years but has reemerged into her life. With an effective cast that mixes business and pleasure, Reasonable Doubt is shaping up to be a scandalous streaming hit of the season. And with new episodes coming every Tuesday, audiences are sure to be riveted to see how this salacious saga unfolds.