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Confessions of a Football Addict | arts-and-entertainment

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It’s the middle of the football season, which means that I’m wasting eight to twelve hours every weekend watching the games on television. I wish I could stop, but I’m addicted – a fan in the original meaning of the word: fanatic. To make matters worse, the television people have realized that true fans, in addition to channel hopping from college game to college game on Saturday and pro game to pro game on Sunday, will also watch on week nights. Consequently, they have begun televising professional games two nights each week and small college and high school games during any time that’s left over.

My wife is also a fan; therefore, she is no help in breaking my addiction. I am reminded of an “oldie, but goodie” movie, “The Days of Wine and Roses,” which tells the story of a marriage that breaks up over alcohol addiction. The irony is that the husband (Jack Lemmon) talks his wife (Lee Remick) into drinking with him, then leaves her when she becomes an alcoholic. However, I am not responsible for Michelle’s enjoying sports on television. Her father was a coach, meaning she grew up with sports and went on to major in Physical Education in college. During her teaching career, she coached nearly every sport in the curriculum – except football. When watching a game together, we exemplify the conventional thinking about sex differences in that I tend to analytical stoicism while she gets excited, yells and coaches from the couch. This is not to say that I believe the stereotype that men are more rational and women more emotional. (No letters, please.)

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Chuck Avery is a retired teacher who grew up in Connersville’s Bucktown neighborhood.