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Educators working for candidates who support schools, equity

And other legislative updates in Up the Street this month

Educators listen to educators and support governor candidate Wes Moore, who plans a government that supports unions.

Annapolis of the Month

Education, state priority needs support from new governors, state and national leaders

Respect for educators, reduced workloads, the right to negotiate class sizes, better pay for Education Support Professionals (ESPs), the freedom to tell the truth, and more, with just one month to go until the Nov. 8 general election. Progress in the economy and education is at issue in this election. Reproductive freedom is on the ballot. Safety and fairness depend on your vote.

Voting results from washington post Wes Moore backs Trump-backed Republican Dan Cox 60% and 28% in gubernatorial race, but pre-election polls aren’t guaranteed. Moore up 22 points in early September poll The results will be used by Maryland Public Television (MPT) to state that only Cox and Moore are eligible to participate in the Governor’s Debate hosted by MPT and WBAL-TV on October 12 at 7:00 p.m. has been decided.

MSEA Nominated Secretary Nominee Brooke Liarman and Attorney General Nominee Anthony Brown, with Moore as Governor, achieve shared goal of giving every student the opportunity to pursue their dreams and educators getting the support they need Because of this, we can make incredible progress. Voters who want to avoid electing extremists like Cox, who have denied the validity of the 2020 presidential election and so far he refuses to accept the 2022 election results, are all races. You can visit his at

MSEA supports recovery of ESP bonuses.Budget balance offer options

One of the MSEA’s priorities heading into Congress in 2023 is for Gov. Hogan to pay out the full bonuses of the ESPs that were underfunded this fiscal year. The budget surplus reported at the end of FY22 is projected to continue, and he strengthens the MSEA’s position to endorse the full ESP bonus amount.

The state has closed fiscal year 22 with $5.5 billion remaining in the General Fund, and fiscal year 23 will be $1.2 billion more than projected in the spring, according to the latest report from the Revenue Estimates Commission. The General Assembly allocated his $3.5 billion of FY22 surplus to his FY23 operations. As required by state law, $870 million of the $2 billion fund balance was transferred to the Rainy Day Fund and the Fiscal Responsibility Fund. This brings the final balance of unallocated revenue to $1,121 million. This is the first year that a portion of the unallocated balance will be automatically transferred to the state reserve account.

A portion of the balance of funds was intended for ESP in the 2022 legislation that MSEA successfully passed, under the legislative leadership of Sen. Craig Zucker (D-Montgomery) and Rep. Shaneka Henson (D-Ann Arundel) Can be used to craft entire bonuses. The legislation originally included the establishment of a workgroup to conduct research and make recommendations to address the long-term pay issues for ESPs and the $500 bonus for ESPs this and next fiscal year. rice field. The final bill didn’t include Workgroup, and Hogan’s budget included less than half of his ESP bonus for the year. The MSEA will work with the incoming governor and legislature to provide commensurate funding for the ESP. Electing public school advocates into legislative bodies, lobbying and testifying by MSEA members, and harnessing the power of our collective voices are essential to winning what educators deserve.

news and notes

Blueprint Makes Free Meals and Healthy Futures More Easier for Students

By linking Medicaid eligibility with free school meals, the pilot program will help bring access to nutritious foods to more students who need them. It aims to provide students with what they need to reach their full potential, recognizing poverty-related food insecurity as a real barrier. Blueprint required children to directly prove their eligibility for free meals using their Medicaid enrollment. It began in his July after the U.S. Department of Agriculture accepted an application for the Maryland Department of Education.

A mobile sports betting application will open.Gambling earnings have added millions to education funding since August

In addition to casino revenue supporting the state’s Education Trust Fund (ETF), sports betting revenue has contributed $3.7 million to Maryland’s Future Fund blueprint since sports betting was legalized in December. increase. The Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC), which can issue up to 60 mobile licenses, opened its application window for mobile sports betting on September 6th. Licensee shall, within 30 days of approval, develop a strategy for acquiring a diverse group of owners or contractors, a strategy for conducting diversity-related events, and a timeline for achieving diversity objectives. and submit a plan for incorporating diversity into the business, including proposals for benchmarking. State-licensed sports gambling adds 15% of blueprint revenues to operating costs and prizes dedicated to education.

Maryland Lottery and Gaming recently reported $159.3 million in casino revenue in September, with $49.4 million paid out to ETFs. His sports betting earnings for August were $18.6 million, with $477,840 donated to the Blueprint Fund.

Biden administration’s student debt relief plan will ease the financial burden on borrowers

Applying for Student Loan Forgiveness is scheduled to open this month under Biden administration plan To eliminate debt for students earning less than $125,000 a year. Pell grant recipients are eligible for debt forgiveness of up to $20,000, Recipients from other borrowers, Excludes Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL), eligible for debt forgiveness of up to $10,000. Information about the Loan Forgiveness Program can be found at Federal Student Loan Payment Suspension Allowed Since 2020 Extended Until Dec. 31. Applications for the individual Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program for borrowers, such as educators working in the public sector or nonprofits, close on October 31st. PSLF information is here.

Leadership Opening in Legislative Black Caucus Could Make History

New leaders are coming to the Maryland Legislative Caucus following the resignation decision by long-time chairmen Rep. Darryl Burns (D-Prince George) and Treasury Secretary Benjamin Brooks (D-Baltimore County) . Vice-Chairman Jheanelle Wilkins, Rep. (D-Montgomery), will become interim chairman, becoming the first woman to hold the position. She is eligible to serve until the end of her two-year term for Barnes in 2024, and may be re-elected. The caucus should elect a new treasurer and vice-president.

Campaign 2022

Peroutka does not defend state law on reproductive freedom, LGBTQ+ equality

In the Attorney General’s race, Anthony Brown has shown a track record of supporting public education, equity, social justice and human rights, while opponent Michael Peroutka recently vowed to guarantee reproductive freedom and women’s rights. It repeated its oath to circumvent existing laws. LGTBQ+ community. Peroutka dangerously denies the validity of any laws that she disagrees with for personal reasons.

Court denies Cox’s request to prevent early tallying of mail-in ballots on appeal

The Court of Appeal has denied Dan Cox’s motion to prevent the October 1 ballot counting. Cox even dishonestly claims that he supports early counting of votes, but argues that court-ordered changes midway through the election cycle undermine trust. and that date was postponed by court order. Cox also voted against legislative efforts to resolve the issue at the last session. He has consistently opposed efforts to ease the electoral process.

With appeals pending, the court ruled on the state board of elections in an attempt to avoid the kind of delays that plagued the July primary, with mail-in ballots scheduled for November 8 on Election Day. Aggregated before. Early voting is from October 27th through November 3rd.

Educators voting in priority races for NEA, MSEA

At a press conference on Oct. 11, MSEA Chairman Sheryl Bost, MSEA leaders, members, and other voters have an important question to ask if the NEA and MSEA-nominated U.S. Congressman David Trone (Democrat- 6th) must show their support for the re-election campaign. Trone’s record in Congress for public education, social and racial justice, and access to affordable physical and mental health care, in a race where reorganization has made it more competitive, his radical Parrott, who opposes coronavirus immunizations, is the current state representative and advocate for universal pre-kindergarten education, teacher wages He has used his position to spout conspiracy theories against the LGBTQ+ community and advocate for human rights, among other legislative measures. I have denied it. To beat out candidates like this, volunteers are encouraged to sign up here.

And in the First District of the US House of Representatives, the NEA and MSEA are backing Heather Mizer in a race against radical Republican Rep. Andy Harris. As a former member of the Maryland legislature, Missour tackled delinquency in large school construction, led efforts to increase K-12 funding, and opposed shifting teachers’ pension costs to local governments. She served as Vice Chair of the House Subcommittee on Education and Economic Development. Harris has a record of promoting dangerous anti-vaccine propaganda, opposing women’s rights, denying the validity of the 2020 presidential election, and attending the December 2020 conference. The meeting facilitated former President Trump’s plan to overturn an executive order by inviting his supporters to the capital on January 6. Legit 2020 election results.

Unions Unite in Fitzwater, Frederick County

In Frederick County, city councilman and educator Jessica Fitzwater has strong support from several unions in her county executive election. The Marylanders Political Action Committee for Freedom and Opportunity ran a television ad voicing her opponent, Sen. voted to limit the right of Marylanders to reproductive freedom. assembly. The MSEA and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 24 endorsed the PAC.