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How to Exchange Damaged Currency Notes?

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Everytime after cash payment, when you get change back there are some damaged or soiled currency notes which are slipped into your change. These Damaged or soiled currency notes are frustrating sometimes as they are not accepted anywhere. So, what to do with these notes? Sometimes we try to pass it on to some other person but apart from circulating these notes, the better option would be to exchange it at a bank.

How to Exchange Damaged Currency Notes?

According to RBI’ A note which has become limp or which has developed minor cuts due to wear and tear or which is disfigured by oil, color, ink, etc will be treated as a soiled or damaged note’

What are soiled or mutilated currency notes?

Soiled currency notes are those which are dirty and slightly cut. Notes having numbers on two ends and those which are torn apart into two pieces are known as soiled notes.

Mutilated currency notes are those notes which are in pieces or some essential parts like promise clause, Ashoka Pillar emblem, portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, etc are missing can also be exchanged

How to use damaged currency notes?

Sometimes having soiled or mutilated currency notes is quite frustrating especially when it is not accepted anywhere and you get stuck on what to do with it. Let’s learn how to get these unusable notes exchanged.

Get it exchanged in any bank-

According to the RBI, each and every bank has to accept soiled or damaged notes. Banks can’t refuse to accept these notes so, you can easily go to any bank across the country and get them exchanged. Banks don’t charge any kind of fee for exchanging these notes.

So whether you are a customer of a bank or not, you can exchange your damaged notes at any branch across the country.

bill payment

Another way of using these kinds of notes is to pay your bills. You can easily use these notes by paying bills.

Deposit them in your bank account

If you don’t get them exchanged from a bank, you can deposit them in your bank account and banks cannot reissue these notes to the public.

Notes that can’t get exchanged

According to RBI’ notes which are badly burnt, stuck etc cannot be exchanged by banks. They can be exchanged in the issue office only.

Intentionally damaged notes

Notes which are not damaged due to wear and tear but are deliberately torn are rejected to be exchanged by the banks

Now you know what to do with those damaged notes and get them exchanged with the banks. Banks can’t refuse to take them, If the bank refuses an online complaint can be registered and action will be taken against the concerned bank.

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2022, 17:09 [IST]