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Jimmy Eat World, The Maine concert plan | Arts & Entertainment

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The last time The Maine crossed paths with Jimmy Eat World, it was at a chilly 2010 outdoor show on New Year’s Eve in Tempe that saw The Maine play much earlier than Jimmy Eat World.

This time around, the two bands will co-headline for a special one-night-only hometown show Oct. 28, at the Arizona Financial Theater.

“We’re both playing a festival in Las Vegas in October and when we wanted to do another show in the market, Phoenix seemed sensible,” said Jimmy Eat World drummer Zach Lind at a press conference.


The Phoenix alt rockers find this show exciting because they’re sharing a stage with a band that’s been around nearly twice as long as them. The Maine recently celebrated its 15th anniversary; Jimmy Eat World will mark 30 years in 2023.

“I think, for us to be asked to play with them, there is a sense of validation, but also we feel like there’s an accomplishment that comes with it in that we get to share the stage with someone that we look up to,” said vocalist John O’Callaghan.

“It’s also a show that our friends have texted us about nonstop, which is I guess what happens when you’re on a bill with a band like Jimmy Eat World,” said bassist Garrett Nickelsen.

“In terms of the support we’ve been shown from the city and the Valley in general, I feel like there’s an emotional attachment to it because it’s not just a place that we’re playing for the night and then leaving the next day. There’s an inward sort of pride that comes with it,” added O’Callaghan, an alumnus of Mountain Pointe High School.

The Maine promises a set filled with songs that die-hard fans will cherish and newer fans will hum along to.

“There’s always a level of excitement that comes with songs that more people come collectively together and say, we all like this,” O’Callaghan said. “We’ve been very fortunate to have a wide variety of songs that resonate with our fan base.

The Maine drummer Pat Kirch also teased that the band could collaborate with opening act and Phoenix-based singer/songwriter Sydney Sprague on a song she is featured titled “Into Your Arms.”

However, The Maine said that fans can almost certainly expect authenticity from their performance and some entertainment.

“Hopefully (fans) experience some authenticity and hopefully it’s entertaining,” said O’Callaghan. “Even if it’s not their bag of music, then hopefully they can come away and feel like they saw something relatively unique and something that they can only see when they see our band play.”

Jimmy Eat World

It’s been seven years since Mesa alt-rockers graced an Arizona state, as their last hometown performance came during an 18-song setlist during 2015’s Summer Ends Festival at Tempe Beach Park.

Although the band has kept busy, vocalist/guitarist Jim Adkins said he always wanted to do something special for his hometown.

“We’ve always been saving a hometown show for some reason or another and we didn’t want to just do something just to do something, we wanted it to be special,” said Adkins, who graduated from Mountain View High School alongside Lind . “But then other opportunities come up and that ate into our hometown gig.”

With this show, Jimmy Eat World will treat fans to live renditions of the band’s newest tracks, including the single “Something Loud.”

“I think we’re most excited about your newest thing,” Adkins said. “I’m excited to play our song ‘Something Loud’ in front of people in our hometown. It’s been getting good reactions everywhere else we’ve played it, so we’re pumped on it.”

The song is also exciting as it discusses the band’s formative years, according to bassist Rick Burch.

“It talks about being young and excited and discovering playing music with friends,” said Burch, who went to Westwood High School.

Aside from a set that spans three decades, Jimmy Eat World aims to show off the community of rockers in the state.

“I want people to walk away from it feeling like they participated in a community,” Adkins said. “There are three local bands on the show so hopefully everyone will feel like they’re a part of a community.”

If You Go:

What: Jimmy Eat World and The Maine w/PVRIS, Thursday and Sydney Sprague

When: 7 p.m. Friday, October 28

Where: Arizona Financial Theater, 400 W. Washington Street, Phoenix

Cost: Tickets start at $43

Info:, and