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lil yachty: Children's culture guide for out of tune adults. Why is Lil Yachty in 'Poland'?

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Things are getting weirder as Halloween approaches. Lil Yachty is walking to Poland, while other of her TikTok users dress their pets as demons, buy every skeleton on earth, and wear pumpkins on their heads. Additionally, non-fungible token (NFT) marketers are using TikTok to trick kids about the metaverse.

If you’re among the kids this week you’ll hear them humming about a walk to Poland. is a catchphrase that stays there until you start screaming it.

The word “Walk/Wok” has a double meaning regarding the song’s concept. Wockhardt, the pharmaceutical company that makes codeine cough syrup, is credited with naming him Wock. Combined with the song’s slanted, rolling lo-fi vibe, it makes more sense.

Halloween: The Origin and Significance of This Spooky Festival

Halloween: The Origin and Significance of This Spooky Festival

Of course, it is already popular. There are recordings of people singing directly to fans and speculating about the crazy recording sessions that might have produced Yachty’s strange vocals. I’m drawing a yacht who travels to Honestly, wock stands for his Wockhardt, the pharmaceutical company that makes the popular cough syrup. If you have nothing to do with the rest of your time, listen to Bachata’s remix.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is said to have named Wok?
    The name Wok is said to have originated from the pharmaceutical company Wokhardt.
  2. What is the name of rapper Lil Yachty’s song?
    Rapper Lil Yachty’s song is “Poland”.

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