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MakeMake Entertainment announces a residency program for a diverse range of early to mid-career professionals in editing, design, animation, visual effects, color, sound and production.

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Backed by the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity, the program, which is currently accepting applications, will officially launch in January 2023.

MakeMake Entertainment, the premier collective studio of storytellers, is proud to announce the first MakeMake residency program. The nine-month paid program opens doors to a diverse range of professionals working in the entertainment industry, including editing, design, animation, visual effects, color, sound and production, with the goal of expanding the field of talent in these areas. and The program offers positions in a variety of post-production roles alongside original content creation residencies, addressing an industry-wide need for greater visibility and access to these critical storytelling careers. To do.made possible by Netflix Fund for Creative Equity, Netflix will serve as the show’s flagship sponsor.

MakeMake Residences will host talent in one of several specialties from the MakeMake family of companies, including Rock Paper Scissors, Elastic, a52, Primary, Jax, Indestructible and MakeMake Entertainment. Residencies span short and long term projects including documentary and scripted content, entertainment marketing and global advertising. By working directly with MakeMake artists and producers on active studio projects, residents participate in the company’s unique interdisciplinary approach. Through this program, participants deepen their storytelling skills, develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and develop the skills they need to succeed in the fast-paced environment critical to post-production and content creation.

MakeMake Entertainment and its portfolio of companies produce award-winning commercials, trailers, television series and feature films. Their projects include a Jennifer Lopez documentary for Netflix. half timeHBO main title game of thrones and Hulu’s Only Murders in BuildingsWarner Bros. Trailer” jokerNike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ visual effects, Athleta’s ‘Power Of She’ editorial featuring Simone Biles.

Angus Wall, Founder of MakeMake Entertainment, said: “As new stories are born and the tools to tell them evolve, our industry needs to raise awareness of the opportunities and careers available to diverse and talented professionals in these specialties. We are thrilled to welcome you to our studio to advance your career, and thank Netflix for their commitment to the next generation of creators.”

MakeMake Residency is now accepting applications.visit Learn more and apply.

About MakeMake Entertainment

MakeMake companies are best in class and have won top awards in advertising, design, television and film. They are Rock Paper Scissors for editing, Elastic for design and animation, a52 for visual effects, Primary for color, Jax for trailers and entertainment marketing, Indestructible for sound, and MakeMake Entertainment for original content.

MakeMake Entertainment approaches creative challenges from a holistic perspective. We exist to collectively create and redefine narrative across mediums by doing what we do best: responding to our indestructible urge to make things.

For more information, see: and follow MakeMake Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.