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More entertainment added on Sunday at the Southport Grove Onion Festival

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The following announcements are from the Pequot Library.

FAIRFIELD, Connecticut — Sefra Alexandra (aka “The Seed Huntress”), the Sausquanaug Association, and the Pequot Library are proud to announce the October 9th Southport Globe Onion Festival. The Lure of the Garden exhibition in the library. Our intention is to celebrate and honor the return of the once prolific Allium heirloom to local soil through a variety of free, family-friendly activities.

To kick off the festival, guests can follow longtime Pequot Library Board members
Walking tour of onion cultivation by Richard “Deej” Webb, former onion storage
Shipping from warehouse sites and ports of Southport or staying at Seed Huntress
Seed collection walk in the Aspetac Land Trust’s Native Seed Gardens facing the Library
Westway Road.

When you get back, peel the onions with a swarm of grassy game, including onions onions.
Art projects such as spoon laces and onion ink prints.Enjoy delicious onion hors d’oeuvres
It will feature productions from local restaurants, bonfires, a Lackluster Brother concert, and an unmissable ‘Onion Drop’ to celebrate the official name of ‘Onion Day’.
We will have a full moon.

According to Alexandra’s website (, “Southport was once considered the ‘onion capital’.
More than 200,000 barrels of onions were shipped by sloop yacht each year.
From 1840 to 1890 to the New York City Market. It is highly valued for its taste, preservability and height.
Vitamin C levels, they were a staple of the Union Navy during the Civil War to prevent scurvy
and Union troops treating gangrene wounds.Our seaside village was world famous
Innovations in seed quality, crop caliber and onion growing equipment.let’s join together
Celebrate our agricultural heritage and this humble bulb.

About the charm of the garden:
Drawing on the Pequot Library’s extensive special collections, The Lure of the Garden exhibition (running through February 5, 2023) is an enduring hold on changing tastes, styles, garden purposes and our imagination. reflects the Exhibits include everything from practical advice on garden layout, poultry keeping, and bee keeping, to vegetable breeding and farm account keeping. Archival materials such as diaries and journals of local farmers document the types of plants and fruit trees planted, as well as local produce such as Southport his Grove His Onions, which were shipped from the port to New York City. increase.

Southport Grove Onion Festival attendees can look for an onion receipt from George Jennings
He sold to G. Furman & Co. Merchants in New York City and sold two photographs of onions, circa 1890.
Such as the fields near Sasco Hill and Greens Farms.Visitors can also access
There is a seed catalog and you can take home samples for planting.

About Sefra Alexandra:
Seed Huntress is an ethnobotanist on a multi-year expedition to rewild our landscape.
Maintaining the arc of seed biodiversity, the most important tool of climate resilience.her fieldwork
Conserving plant species around the world in soils and seed banks to support local food
Security, seed sovereignty + ecosystem restoration. She has earned her MAT in Agroecology.
Cornell University leads the ecotype project,,
Expedition of Tactivate.

About Richard “Dige” Webb:
Deej Webb is a local educator, historian, and author of Boats Against the Current.
A documentary companion book about the influence of Westport on F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Produced with Robert Stephen Williams.He led the history of New Canaan High School
After graduating, he became an adjunct professor at the University of the Sacred Heart.he is sitting on
Such as the Pequot Library Board.

About the Sascanogue Society:
The Sascanogue Society for the Improvement of Southport was founded by the group in 1887.
A prominent local woman trying to improve and beautify her village.At that time, Southport
A period of transition from a bustling shipping town to a more residential area.inspired by
Similar groups in Connecticut and Massachusetts raised funds through dues.
Bake sales and lawn parties
Blue stone sidewalks and kerosene lampposts throughout the village.Today the association
Continuing to maintain and protect Southport and its historic environment.
The forefront of nearly every major commons victory since their creation.

Pequot Library’s annual programs for adults and children serve more than 60,000 participants.
Year. As a public association library 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the library relies on:
Donor Generosity at Fundraiser, Corporate and Community Partners, Friends of Pequot

Library member. She never misses a moment. Facebook, Instagram,
When twitter.