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Netflix Top 10 Shows and Movies: New Releases and Trending Today, October 25

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Mia Farrow and Terry Kinney, The Watcher

Mia Farrow and Terry Kinney, The Watcher

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

The big addition to Netflix’s most popular shows and movies is The Chalk Line, a Spanish thriller film about a couple who find an abandoned young girl and take her in when no one else will. When will we learn that taking in a creepy kid only results in creepy things happening? It’s No. 7 on the list of Netflix’s top 10 movies. Most of the rest of that list and the top 10 shows list is the same as yesterday, with The Blacklist returning after a day off.

But as we all know, popular doesn’t necessarily mean good. Below, we list the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix and give our quick take on whether they’re actually worth watching or not. We’ve also added what’s new on Netflix today so you can find out what will be on the Top 10 list tomorrow.

New Netflix Shows and Movies Today

  • Barbie Epic Road Trip: An interactive special that lets viewers choose Barbie’s fate. Will she stay in New York or move to Malibu? Or will rising mortgage interest rates force her to move to a suburb of Des Moines?
  • Blade of the 47 Ronin: A new samurai film that’s the sequel to 47 Roninsthis time following a new class of young warriors.
  • Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune: Comedian Fortune Feimster tells jokes at people. Will you laugh?
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities: A horror anthology from creature maestro del Toro releases two new episodes over the next four days. Warning: They’re extremely gory!
  • Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 (new episodes): The second third of the season is out today. The final three episodes of the season will be out Nov. 1.

Today’s Top 10 Netflix TV Shows

Zoe Saldana, From Scratch

Zoe Saldana, From Scratch

Stefano Montesi/Netflix

1. The Watcher

For fans of: Lifetime movies with better casts, suspenseful shlock, real estate, AHS: Murder House
Is it good?: It’s a mostly empty, addictive page-turner with a great cast
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 1

2. From Scratch

For fans of: Crying and falling in love and crying some more
Is it good?: It will sweep you away
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 2

3. love is blind

For fans of: Human drama, utter emotional chaos
Is it good?: With Season 3 coming out just a few months after Season 2, we’re feeling some diminishing returns
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 3

4. Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

For fans of: The Ryan Murphy effect, true crime
Is it good?: It’s engaging, but like most Ryan Murphy shows, it has serious flaws
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 4

5. 28 Days Haunted

For fans of: America’s haunted history
Is it good?: It’s exactly as entertaining as it needs to be
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 5

6. The Sinner

For fans of: Bill Pullman solving disturbing mysteries
Is it good?: Yes, it always was an underrated crime drama
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 6

7. Unsolved Mysteries

For fans of: Strange-but-true stories, unserious documentaries
Is it good?: It’s not journalismbut it’s something
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 7

8. Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi

For fans of: Netflix true crime documentaries with an Italian twist
Is it good?: It’s interesting, but it’s also just another one on the conveyor belt
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 8

9. The Blacklist

For fans of: Twists, James Spader doing that James Spader thing
Is it good?: It’s a solid network thriller that’s fun and ridiculous
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: n/a

10. Barbarians

For fans of: historical epics
Is it good?: It’s even better in Season 2
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 10

More on Netflix:

Today’s Top 10 Netflix Movies

Charlize Theron, The School of Good and Evil

Charlize Theron, The School of Good and Evil

Helen Sloan/Netflix

1. The School of Good and Evil

For fans of: The hero/villain binary, Charlize Theron
Is it good?: It’s not Paul Feig’s best directorial venture, that’s for sure
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 1

2. The Stranger

For fans of: Joel Edgerton, emotional darkness
Is it good?: It’s an intense Australian crime drama that’ll stick with you
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 2

3. The Curse of Bridge Hollow

For fans of: Goofy Halloween movies, Erica from Stranger Things
Is it good?: Not really, but it has a few laughs and a good cast
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 3

4. Song 2

For fans of: Singing animals, famous voices, popular music
Is it good?: Kids absolutely love it
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 5

5. Luckiest Girl Alive

For fans of: Mediocre Netflix thrillers, Mila Kunis, trauma
Is it good?: It’s an OK story of perseverance
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 4

6. Despicable Me 2

For fans of: minions
Is it good?: Actually, sure
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 6

7. The Chalk Line

For fans of: Thrillers, creepy kids
Is it good?: The Spanish film has got some good atmosphere, but that’s it
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: n/a

8. hubie halloween

For fans of: Classic Adam Sandler characters
Is it good?: It’s honestly not as bad as Sandler promised it’d be
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 10

9. Last Seen Alive

For fans of: Gerard Butler Thrillers
Is it good?: When you see those “Vertical Entertainment/Voltage Pictures” title cards, you know you’re in for a bad movie
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 7

10. Megamind

For fans of: Will Ferrell, cool visuals, Despicable Me and The Incredibles
Is it good?: Not bad if you don’t mind a little unoriginality
Trailer | Yesterday’s rank: 9

Based on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows and Movies lists and new releases for Tuesday, Oct. 25

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Julia Garner, Ozark

Julia Garner, ozark

Tina Rowden/Netflix