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New Forrester's Technology & Innovation North America Study Reveals Global Tech Spending Will Exceed $4 Trillion in 2023 Despite Growing Uncertainty

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Economic turmoil, supply chain issues, and a shortage of technical talent are driving technology leaders to prioritize investments in projects that improve business resilience and drive growth.

Austin, TexasWhen Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global technology spending is $4 trillion By 2023, two-thirds of technology decision makers are increasing their technology budgets, despite increasing economic uncertainty. Additionally, to remain competitive in the year ahead, Future Fit tech leaders will adopt a more hands-on approach to innovation experimentation to prioritize customer needs. According to Forrester’s 2023 Tech Leadership Predictions, his 80% of companies will shift their innovation efforts from creativity to resilience. .

Today at Technology & Innovation North America, Austin, Texas And digitally, Forrester analysts unveil new research and frameworks to help future fit technology leaders drive future growth for their organizations through the creation and execution of adaptive and resilient technology strategies. Helping you take responsibility. This new study includes:

  • Prediction 2023: Tech Leadership. Technology companies are in trouble because of fears of falling capital flows, rising interest rates and declining customer demand. In 2023, technology leaders will need to review their vendors well in advance of upcoming refresh cycles and create contingency plans that account for software as a service (SaaS) failures, spinouts, and product obsolescence. I have. We also expect whistleblowers to hold technology leaders accountable and press CIOs to action. Join us for this keynote and discover what the future of technology leaders will look like in 2023.
  • State of the Future Fit Technology Strategy, 2022. According to a new Forrester study, companies that meet customer needs by adapting to the future, even in uncertain times, grow revenue 1.8 times faster than their peers. He said more than 75% of business and technology professionals in FutureFit organizations strongly agree that their organizations can easily absorb major business changes, and technology platforms will help accelerate their organizations’ transformation and innovation journeys. is the key to Join us for this session to learn best practices for creating future-fit platform strategies that drive business outcomes.
  • A skills-based talent strategy is at the heart of adaptive organizations. As technology leaders struggle to attract the right talent, they must create adaptive organizations that continuously develop and apply knowledge and skills to drive resilience. Join us for this session to learn how to rethink your technical skills and competencies and build future fit strategies that broaden your talent roster.
  • Top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2022. According to Forrester, 65% of technology professionals say their companies will increase spending on emerging technologies in the next 12 months. The Future Fit Tech organization is poised to achieve positive ROI in the short term with four new technology categories: Augmented Reality (XR), AI-powered TuringBot, Web3, and Zero Trust Edge. Join us for this keynote to learn about new technologies that are ready today, technologies that take time, and technologies that have a long way to go.

“Looking ahead, future fit tech leaders should take a pragmatic but opportunistic approach to strengthening their organizations’ operational resilience despite the uncertainty that will overtake the long shadow of the pandemic. okay,” he said. Matthew Guarini, Event Organizer, Forrester Vice President and Senior Research Director. “At Technology & Innovation North America, technology leaders will present research and insights on how to navigate this complex landscape, turning lessons learned from difficult times into capabilities that make organizations more adaptable and successful over the long term. I assure you that.”


  • Learn more about Forrester’s 2023 Tech Leadership Predictions (client access required).
  • Learn more about the tenets of the Future Fit Tech strategy here.
  • Learn why tech leaders should create adaptive organizations to foster resilience (requires client access).
  • Learn more about the top 10 emerging technologies tech leaders should start implementing, experimenting with, or monitoring (client access required).
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