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Sarah Jessica Parker's 10 Best Movies & TV Shows, According To Rotten Tomatoes

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Hocus Pocus 2 features the return of Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson, the youngest and ditziest witch of the main trio. Parker is having a great 2022, beginning with her long-awaited return to the Sex and the City world in the HBO Max original …And Just Like That, which premiered in December 2021.

Although she’s best known for her iconic turn as Carrie Bradshaw, Parker has a long film and TV career that dates back to the early ’80s. And while Sex and the City will always be her most famous project, she’s starred in many other movies and tv shows, many of which have high Rotten Tomatoes scores.


10/10 Sex And The City (1998-2004) – 70%

Sex and the City was the show that defined a generation. A one-of-a-kind mix of romance and sexuality from the perspective of four thirty-something women living in New York City, Sex and the City was revolutionary and cemented HBO as the home for prestige and groundbreaking TV.

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Parker was the bright and lively star of the show. As the protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, Parker was flawed yet passionate and vulnerable, selfish yet loyal. She was a modern woman who made no apologies for it. Parker earned numerous awards for her portrayal, which defined her career for years to come.

9/10 Divorce (2016-2019) – 78%

In 2016, Parker starred in another HBO show about the difficulty of relationships. Divorce follows a middle-aged couple going through a divorce after the husband finds out his wife was unfaithful. Parker stars opposite Academy Award nominee Thomas Haden Church.

Although far from being one of HBO’s all-time best comedy shows, Divorceis a clever and funny look into middle-aged romance. Parker plays it safe, but she succeeds in making Frances relatable and compelling, but completely different from Carrie Bradshaw.

8/10 The Times Of Bill Cunningham (2020) – 80%

Legendary New York Times photographer and fashion historian Bill Cunningham is the subject of the 2020 documentary The Times of Bill Cunningham. The film chronicles his life and career, using footage from a six-hour interview in which Cunningham talked in-depth about his process.

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Parker, a fashion icon and renowned New Yorker, is the perfect choice to narrate the documentary. Her familiar voice perfectly complements the beautiful visuals, composed of previously unpublicized images from Cunningham’s long and prolific career.

7/10 Flight Of The Navigator (1986) – 84%

The 1986 sci-fi adventure Flight Of The Navigator is a must-see cult classic. It follows David Freeman, a 12-year-old alien abductee who gets transported from 1978 to 1986. Joey Cramer stars as David, alongside a supporting cast that includes Paul Reubens, Veronica Cartwright, and Cliff De Young.

Parker plays a small but key role in the plot. The then 21-year-old actor plays Carolyn McAdams, a NASA intern who befriends David and helps him during a time of need. In her limited screentime, Parker makes an impression as a kind and sympathetic character.

6/10 State And Main (2000) – 85%

David Mamet wrote and directed State and Main, starring an ensemble cast that included William H. Macy, Alec Baldwin, Julia Stiles, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Parker. The plot centers on a movie crew filming a big-budget project which invades and disrupts the tranquil lives of a small, quiet Vermont town.

Parker plays Claire Wellesley, the film’s leading lady, who refuses to shoot her contracted nude scene unless she’s paid an additional $800,000. Parker perfectly embodies Claire’s vulnerability and superficiality without making her seem overly ditzy. Her comedic sensibilities are also perfect with Mamet’s style, resulting in a memorable, if somewhat underrated, performance.

5/10 What She Said: The Art Of Pauline Kael (2019) – 88%

Pauline Kael is among the most famous and controversial critics in film history. The documentary tracks her life and career, especially her 23-year tenure at New YorkMagazine during which she earned a reputation as a spirited and vocal contrarian.

What She Said: The Art Of Pauline Kael features commentary by several prominent figures like Quentin Tarantino and Paul Schrader. Parker provides Kael’s voice, reading some of the critic’s most infamous reviews. Adopting a huskier and more matter-of-fact tone, Parker’s Kael is a far cry from Carrie Bradshaw and her romantic musings.

4/10 Show Business: The Road To Broadway (2007) – 89%

The 2003-2004 Broadway season is the stage for the documentary Show Business: The Road to Broadway. The film centers on four shows — Wicked, taboo, Carolina, or Changeand Avenue Q — chronicling their pre-production, premiere, and reception leading up to the 2004 Tony Awards.

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Although the documentary features interviews with many performers, including Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and Raúl Esparza, Parker’s appearance is minimal. She attends the premiere of Wicked and poses for the camera with Kirsten Johnston; overall, her appearance amounts to mere seconds.

3/10 Ed Wood (1992) 92%

Ed Wood wasn’t one of Tim Burton’s highest-grossing films, but it’s certainly one of his best. The plot centers on the infamous titular character during the period when he made his most notorious films. The story also concerns Wood’s relationship with horror icon Bela Lugosi.

Dolores Fuller, the role Parker plays in the film, could easily be another typical “girlfriend” role, and in some ways, it is. Dolores has issues with Ed dressing in drag, leading to their breakup and making the character somewhat unlikeable.

2/10 LA Story (1991) – 93%

Steve Martin has made many critically acclaimed films, including LA Story. It follows Harris, a dissatisfied weatherman, on his romantic misadventures in Los Angeles, which include an infatuation with a beautiful journalist in London.

Parker plays SanDeE*, an aspiring spokesmodel who dates Harris while he tries to figure out his feelings. SanDeE* is ditzy and vapid but very likable, mainly thanks to Parker’s lively and endearing performance. Her chemistry with Martin is on point despite the age difference, creating a love story that might be out of the ordinary and fleeting but still affecting.

1/10 A Life Apart: Hasidism In America (1997) – 100%

Produced by PBS, Life Apart: Hasidism In America is a documentary about Hasidic Judaism. The film goes in-depth, mainly covering Hasidic sects and communities living in Brooklyn and dealing with the constant struggles and conflicts they face daily.

Parker serves as one of the documentary’s narrators, joining Leonard Nimoy. The documentary, which includes interviews with several prominent Jewish figures, including Arthur Hertzberg and Berel Lazar, received positive reviews from critics. Parker is no stranger to narration, having lent her voice to many documentaries throughout her career, but A Life Apart is her highest-rated work.

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