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Stratford schools turn to technology with anonymous reporting app

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STRATFORD — When Superintendent Uyi Osunde was principal of Windsor High School, he saw firsthand that the same mobile devices that students sometimes used to bully each other could also be an effective tool in stopping such behavior.

What the schools did, Osunde said, was adopt an app that Windsor has been using for the past four years that he said he has been effective in helping school officials respond to bullying cases. Now, Stratford schools have launched a similar application that allows students to make reports to school officials while remaining anonymous.

“Kids are our eyes in the school,” said technology director Matthew Rivers, who helped set up the application in the district. “They have a pulse on what’s going on in the classroom, with their peers, with their friends.”

Rivers said officials hope the app, called “Stopit,” can empower students to help people, and provide a more comfortable way to report issues. Previously, he said, they would’ve had to visit a school administrator or school counselor to report an incident.