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Technology Takes South Dakota's First NCAA Men's Hockey Team to the Next Level - The Rink Live

Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota will open the doors of its new $70 million Midco Arena in the fall of 2023 to welcome hockey fans to the school’s first NCAA Division I game. But in addition to the bricks and mortar needed to build the facility, the new team’s staff have a heavy lift in building that roster.

Augustana’s men’s hockey team’s assistant coach, Andrew Boschett, said:

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Boschett, along with head coach Garrett Laboine, is tasked with building the new Vikings hockey team, South Dakota’s first college hockey team. They use a reconnaissance technology, RinkNet, to facilitate a historically difficult process.

Many programs at other universities use it to facilitate this process,” says Boschetto. “That was a big sell for us because we are recruiting the entire team.

RinkNet gives coaches like Boschetto and Raboin access to notes, player information and analysis anytime, anywhere. The platform’s new Pressroom app also provides access to rosters, live stats and game reports. Overall, LinkNet organizes all the information important to the team building process and makes it easily accessible and understandable.

“You can fly around and look at the players, but without someone’s notes and achievements, it’s hard to remember everything,” Boschett said.

RinkNet is the same technology that NHL and junior teams across the country have been using for almost 25 years. The platform covers over 13,500 teams and his 300,000 players each year. In addition to extensive statistics, information and analysis, RinkNet can be customized to meet your specific needs to optimize your decision making. For Boschetto, the most exciting thing about LinkNet is how it enhances communication between staff.

“This keeps us all on the same page. We never go blindly,” he said.

If you want to aspire to the school’s history of success in other sports, this is a good approach. Augustana has taken home five championship trophies in other sports, including football.

“This school has a history of success and a culture of winning,” added Boschetto. “It will be a great experience for our students to move into our new facility and participate in Division I college hockey.”

One of the fastest growing regions in the United States, Sioux Falls is rightly home to the state’s first NCAA hockey team. The city has grown tremendously over the last decade, and the university is experiencing record growth, with the second-largest freshman class ever. The new Midco his arena and Vikings his hockey team will help set them up for what’s to come.

The Vikings have already filled out their first season with games against Notre Dame and Colorado. Visit the Augustana Men’s Hockey site for the latest team schedule and details.