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The Long Box: From New York to Baltimore | arts & entertainment

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OK, I confess that I took a quick trip up to the Empire State this month to drop in on the four-day New York Comic Con, which was, in short, complete sensory overload. That should be no surprise — despite having “comic” in the title, the NYCC is more of a dazzling multimedia extravaganza.

Most of the short time I had available, I spent with my good friend, podcast host and comics encyclopedia Tony Esmond, table hopping downstairs in artists alley. Esmond had traveled from the UK to the Big Apple to visit the con, as he does pretty much annually, so we arranged to meet up and hit the event together, do a little dining and talk about “Tony Osmond, Part II,” the sequel to a book we published under the Tribute banner a couple of years ago. (Stay tuned.)