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Toppan to Participate in 3rd QUANTUM COMPUTING EXPO TOKYO [Autumn]

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Presenting collaborations with businesses and research organizations as well as results of pilot test using smart cards equipped with post-quantum cryptography

Tokyo – Toppan, a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, will take part in the 3rd QUANTUM COMPUTING EXPO TOKYO [Autumn]which will be held at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, Japan, from October 26 to 28.

The Toppan booth (5-1) will showcase research and development efforts being conducted in collaboration with businesses and research organizations. This will include the results of pilot testing of smart cards equipped with post-quantum cryptography1 selected by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)2 and examples of enhancement of logistics efficiency based on quantum annealing.3

Toppan intends to take advantage of quantum computing technologies in a range of fields as it aims to contribute to a sustainable society and enhance value as a leading provider of solutions to social issues worldwide through Digital Transformation (DX) and Sustainable Transformation (SX).

Inside the Toppan booth

(1) Diagram presenting an overview of the implementation of quantum technologies in society
The diagram will present Toppan’s take on quantum technology-related hardware and software, applications, and fields in which it can be implemented in society.

(2) Efforts related to quantum secure cloud technology using PQC CARD®, the world’s first smart card equipped with post-quantum cryptography
In collaboration with Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and ISARA Corporation, Toppan has developed PQC CARD®, a smart card equipped with CRYSTALS-Dilithium, a post-quantum cryptography selected by NIST of the US A pilot test has been conducted using PQC CARD® for authentication and control of access to sensitive information. Videos will present a background and overview of activities as well as a demonstration of access authentication using PQC CARD®.

(3) Collaboration to enhance the efficiency of logistics using quantum annealing
Toppan is advancing pilot tests aimed at increasing the efficiency of logistics by taking advantage of quantum annealing technology developed by Tohoku University startup Sigma-i.

One such test focuses on optimizing delivery planning using MITATE®,4 a system from Toppan Group company Toppan Cosmo that drives improved efficiency and visibility for logistics.

Another example is Toppan’s collaboration with Ichikawa Kankyo Holdings Co., Ltd. to advance efforts focused on the circulation of plastic resources. The Toppan booth will provide demonstrations and details of a pilot test using quantum annealing to optimize recovery and transportation of waste and recyclable resources.

(4) Joint research on quantum artificial intelligence with the University of Tokyo
Toppan’s booth will introduce joint research on quantum artificial intelligence being conducted with Associate Professor Koji Terashi of the University of Tokyo’s International Center for Elementary Particle Physics.

(5) Fundamental research on quantum computers
Toppan will also present its fundamental research on quantum kernel learning as well as joint research on optical quantum computers being advanced with blueqat Inc.

1. Post-quantum cryptography
The post-quantum cryptography tools selected by NIST include multiple encryption methods for public-key cryptography and digital signatures. Toppan and the NICT previously referred to these methods as “public-key cryptography,” but has revised this to “post-quantum cryptography,” in line with the terminology used by NIST.

2. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
A federal agency that promotes the establishment of standards for technology and industry in the United States.

3. Quantum annealing
A quantum computing technology specialized for optimization problems in which optimal solutions are derived from vast numbers of combinations.

4. MITATE is a registered trademark of LAMPLIGHT Co., Ltd., a collaborative partner of Toppan Cosmo.


Date: October 26 to 28, 2022
Times: 10:00—18:00 *Ends at 17:00 on final day
Venue: Makuhari Mass
Organizer: RX Japan Ltd.