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Trading Mentor Online Is Now Offering One-On-One Expert Coaching For Forex Trading

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Trading Mentor

Trading Mentor

Trading Mentor

Trading Mentor

With many online trading courses available on their platform, Trading Mentor Online experts are now also offering one-on-one forex coaching.


Learn to trade with an expert trading mentor!”

—Trading Mentor Online

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2022 / — Be it an online trading course or individualized forex mentoring, Trading Mentor Online has grown over the years to position itself as a premier online institute offering an array of educational resources for budding traders all around the world. With more and more talented traders joining the team of mentors at Trading Mentor Online, the institute is now offering an exclusive one-on-one online learning experience that is unlike any other forex trading Edtech platform out there. The team of stock market mentors, forex trading mentors, and crypto investment mentors at Trading Mentor Online is working around the clock to offer individual sessions ranging from a single one-hour session to six one-hour sessions at time slots chosen by the students. Furthermore, all mentors on the platform are now offering a free 15 minute consultation for eager traders to get an up close look at the learning experience, before paying for a full session.

A representative for Trading Mentor Online made an official statement to discuss the institute’s modus operandi, “Here at Trading Mentor Online, we are highly passionate about curating a highly result oriented learning experience for traders from all over the world. Our team of mentors grows every month, with more and more highly experienced and accomplished traders joining our platform to spread their expertise further. Not only is our platform a great opportunity for skilled traders to get exposure and increase their public outreach, but it can also help budding traders break even and start generating trading profits within just a single session. Be it forex trading, stock trading, day trading or crypto investment, our trading mentors have the right tools and techniques to help students find sustainable success.”

With a Level 5 Diploma in Professional Applied Financial Market Trading, Akif Din is one of Trading Mentor Online’s most highly rated forex mentors. With more than 5 years of hands-on trading experience, Akif has also spent a considerable amount of years conducting real-time institutional trading research. With his expertise including commodities, equities, mindset, and psychology, Akif is ready to facilitate sessions of all kinds to help his students succeed. Users do not have to become a registered user on the Trading Mentor Online Platform and select their desired time slot for a session with Akif Din, or one of the other talented mentors ready to help budding traders excel in all trading formats.

“Akif helped me build a robust trading plan and is always there when I need an answer to my questions. I am looking forward to keeping on going under his guidance as he understands the in and out of the markets,” stated a student in a 5 star review for his learning experience with Akif Din, another student added, “If you are really serious about trading, you should choose Akif. He will be there every time you need him, he has a lot of knowledge and is ready to answer every question that you have; excited to learn more with him! 100% recommended.”

With its highly comprehensive online learning infrastructure that continues to grow and evolve in order to constantly enhance the learning experience of its users, Trading Mentor Online is a leading online institute for budding traders to stay on top of the curve, tap into their talents and start their trading journey towards success and exponential growth.

More details about all the mentors, along with other educational resources provided by Trading Mentor Online, can be seen on the institute’s official website at

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